Koehler Welding and Supply has been supplying customer needs since 1929 and is continuing to expand our range of services, capabilities and MRO products. Our people, products and operational improvements allow us to exceed customer expectations, providing quality products while continually improving internal operations and services.


 Today, Koehler remains at the forefront of supply chain management and E-business capabilities.





Today’s manufacturing requires the highest quality management systems. In order to assist our customers in attaining this, Koehler has created a standard for the delivery of critical MRO products and services that support manufacturing operations in this region.

We deliver to Madison, North Vernon, Seymour, Columbus, Batesville, Carrolton, Campellsburg, Louisville, New Albany, Jeffersonville, Charlestown and everywhere in between.


While product manufacturing is measured by quality units produced, measuring supply services requires a new vision in servicing our customers today. Koehler’s business philosophy does exactly that; it integrates every point of the supply selection, delivery and use with quality assurance programs that have proven results at top manufacturing facilities.


 Measurable time savings, measurable cost cutting and documented procedures to improve efficiency are all results of Koehler’s business system.


 We welcome an opportunity to help cut cost and improve your manufacturing practices.





By developing and maintaining mutually beneficial long-term vendor relationships based on vendor performance, Koehler offers customers a total quality program including single-source capabilities. Our purchasing philosophy exhibits the following characteristics:


• Demonstrates integrity in products and services with an emphasis on quality.

• Dependable delivery at competitive prices.

• Act as a partner to reduce total net cost to the customer.

• Establishes programs with vendors for cost reduction based on annual volume usage.

• Provides sales and technical support to Koehler and the end user as needed.





Koehler Welding and Supply’s inventory management process is designed to assist partnering customers in their efforts to reduce their investment in on-hand inventory while maintaining necessary levels of product available for sustained plant operations. Our customized inventory program results in a reduction of excess inventory.


 Koehler’s people work with plant personnel to determine the optimal reorder points and quantities of agreed products. By constantly reviewing past usage requirements, Koehler is able to recommend adjustments to inventory levels. A mutual determination allows Koehler to bring in back stock to cover the customers expected usage, eliminating down time and excess inventory.





Customer focus is Koehler’s “Job One”. Continually working to improve our internal operations to meet customer requirements and provide quality products in a timely manner is the sole business practice at Koehler.


 In the event a customer’s needs are not met, investigative action is launched to determine the root of the cause and corrections are made. These are done in conjunction with our customer’s quality requirements.





80 years in business allows us to offer thousands of products from over 600 vendors. Koehler has the experience to give customers an unsurpassed global supply network.


“Expect more from your MRO partner”